Your website is now live. Now what?

After deploying your website, it is important to ensure that your website is providing the most up to date information. The key is to keep your website fresh for new and returning visitors. If you are familiar with web design and coding, you can login to your WordPress dashboard and FTP, which allows you to maintain your website yourself. However, if you are not comfortable doing this, we offer different affordable packages that best fit your company’s needs. If you have never received any service from PupHost, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Even if you choose to stick with your current hosting provider we are more than happy to maintain your website. Your time is valuable and we want to provide the service of making your life as easy as possible. All plans come with basic website maintenance services including the WordPress core update and technical support. Depending on your business, some websites need maintenance every week, while others may need it once a month. Below are the packages we offer.

Check out our pricing plans



Pay as you go

  • Google Analytics install *
  • 1 hour (any) maintenance
  • Free technical support



Choose between WEB or SEO maintenance

  • Google Analytics install *
  • Unlimited service requests
  • Unlimited (1) maintenance
  • Free technical support

Social Media


$50 per social media management

  • Google Analytics install *
  • SMM management
  • Free technical support
* Also included with PupHost Web Design service

Questions? We got answers!

1Do I really need maintenance?

WordPress is one of the most secure free open source platforms. However, there are often stories of WordPress sites getting hacked due to site owners not keeping their WordPress and plugins up-to-date.

With that being said, all websites require maintenance regardless of how big or small your business is. The only difference is that some companies need to frequently maintain their website more than others. If you leave your site untouched for months, this will affect your web traffic and SEO.

2What are your service request?

A "Service request" is created when clients need simple updates (less than 10-minutes) on their website. We feel it is unfair to charge clients for minor updates at an hourly or monthly rate. If you have hosting with us, your hosting covers up to three (3) service requests per month. Unfortunately it does not roll over. Service requests are updating existing contents. Other requests can be customized to fit your website and company needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Some examples of service requests that we cover are:

  • Simple content update
  • Image update
  • Update and test links
  • Staff roster update
  • Menu changes
  • 3What do your WEB maintenance include?

    Not only will we maintain your website but our WEB maintenance plan includes the service requests. Other requests can be customized to fit your website and company needs.

    Some examples of web maintenance we cover are:

  • Updating Wordpress (Already free if you host with us)
  • Updating plugins
  • Sucuri security scan
  • Extensive content updating
  • Resizing and cropping images
  • Change home slider images and galleries
  • Adding additional pages and contents within the page
  • Updating promotional and sales content
  • News update
  • Product update
  • Form update
  • Changing colors
  • Manual Backup
  • Backup recovery
  • Basic WordPress training and support

  • * WEB maintenance does not include extensive custom coding, graphical or layout changes

    4What do your SEO maintenance include?

    Below are some examples of our SEO maintenance. Other requests can be customized to fit your website and company needs.

  • Google Analytic integration - Full access to your Google Analytic account
  • Social media integration - Full access to your Social Media accounts
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Updating and renewing Yoast license plugin
  • Updating metadata such as page titles, descriptions and keyword
  • Image optimization/compression for old and new uploaded images
  • Image tags for old and new uploaded images
  • SEO-friendly permalinks for old and new links
  • Ensure all internal and external links are working
  • Industry, competition and keyword analysis
  • Ensure all content are well written and have substantial quality
  • Ensure all contents contain keywords and phrases to be found by search engines
  • SSL/HTTPS certificate renewal
  • 301 redirect from old web pages
  • Ensuring your website elements are SEO optimized
  • Get up to date with all Google announcements
  • 5What do your SMM/SMO management include?

    SMM (Social Media Marketing or Optimization) help to keep the relationship between your visitors (customers, partnership and new businesses) engage. It can be use to promote new contents and changes to your business. Social medias are known to help drive more traffic to your site. You must already have social media accounts for us to maintain it. If not, it will be $100 per social media account creation

  • Account creation - Facebook, Google Business Listing and Google Plus, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Profile optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Your custom monthly calendar with all post dates
  • Two (2) custom written contents per month that targets your audience
  • Maintain and professionally respond to reviews
  • 6What is the difference between WEB, SEO and SMM Maintenance?

    In short -

    WEB: Ensuring all your website contents are kept up to date.
    SEO: Ensuring your website is easily found on Google.
    SMM: This will help boost your SEO. Social medias are to keep your visitors and customers engaged to drive more traffic onto your site.

    7How long will the changes take?
    PupHost aims to make requested changes within 72 hours of business days. However, there can be no guarantee that the Client's entire request can be completed within 72 hours. We will endeavour to inform the Client as soon as possible if changes were likely to take more than 48 hours.